Grandma’s Prayers

I dedicate this poem to my paternal Grandma. She’s coming up on her 90th birthday later this year.

Grandma’s Prayers

Three times a day

She kneels to pray

Her intersession to heaven sending.

A list she’s made

For those she’s prayed—

Her posterity she’s lifting.

I asked her once

How to become

Like her in her gift.

“I pray three times a day,” she said.

“And when someone comes to mind.”

My Grandma’s prayers have carried us

Through many ups and downs and trials.

Our family’s had our share of heartache,

Woes, and broken dreams.

But every day she prays for us,

Her prayers weaving together the frayed seams.

Someday soon Grandma’s going to go

Back to her home in heaven.

I hope that she can teach me

How to pray like she does,

How to reach the heavens.

And when her time on earth is done

I hope she’ll come back and say,

“My child, I’ll teach you what I know,

So you can also pray.

Not just the rote prayer mind you,

The ones that hit the ceiling and no more.

The kind of prayer I mean

Are the ones that knock on heaven’s door.”

I hope someday I’ll be like Grandma,

Connecting earth to heaven.

Just like Grandma’s prayers have carried me,

I hope to carry others too.

Oh dear Grandma, I hope someday,

That I will be just like you!

I love you, Grandma!

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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