My heart is breaking.

The tears are falling.

I can no longer hold back the sobs.

Gut wrenching, heart wrenching pain

Envelops me.

I will let the pain flow.

I will let the sobs go.

For out of my heart’s aching

New life will grow.

All my heartache,

All my tears,

Will water fruit for future years.

I’ll not waste a single tear.

Each one will earn for me

A life lesson.

All the heartache,

All the tears,

Will earn for me a crown in heaven.

Each time my heart aches,

Each time my heart breaks,

To the Master I will turn.

Broken pieces,

Bleeding pain,

God will turn them all to rain.

As He heals my broken heart

My life will be made new.

Broken pieces become a blessing

As, to Him, I turn.

He gives to me new life and heart.

All pain He uses well

To teach me of His heart.

Brokenness does not mean useless,

For in each broken place I see

Christ Jesus’ truth staring back at me.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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