I Cried

I cried many tears cuz I needed to.

I cried many tears cuz I wanted to.

The cleansing flood came pouring down,

Washing away the pain inside.

I know that the tears won’t heal all the hurt.

But they will help me to move on again.

Clearing away all the pain debris

I’m clean again to start anew.

I’m clean again to start anew.

The tears helped to clear all the pain debris.

They helped me to see what I could not see.

The truth is there. I’m holding on.

I’ll build again on higher ground.

I’ll build on the truth for a happy life.

I’ll laugh and I’ll sing and I’ll dance again.

And soon life will be full of ev’ry joy.

But until then I’m holding on

To Truth’s strong hand–she’ll set me free.

Truth is the key to the prison.

It sets ev’ry captive free.

It’s like the sun in the heavens

That shines down on you and me.

Truth is the key.

I cried all my tears and I looked around.

A more beautiful place could ne’er be found.

A place to heal, to live and be,

To thrive and dwell in joy and peace.

Truth is the bell that is ringing,

Singing out joy with each new day.

It’s like the stars in the night sky

Lighting, showing us the way.

Truth is the way.

Each new day’s a new day to live and breath.

Each day has it’s gifts through eternity.

I’m grateful that God has seen me through.

I’m resting now in His sweet love.

It carries me through ev’ry storm.

The truth is God’s love is healing,

Healing for me ev’ry day.

No matter what the trial

It will guide me all the way.

Love is the way.

Truth is the way.

He is the way.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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