Still Be A Man

I watch him as the days, months and years go by.

He works so hard at everything he tries

Meeting failure at every turn.

Pushing, trying, letting go—

No matter what he does

It seems failure is in his wake

And that his fruit is tears.

How much more of this can he take?

It’s a man’s job to provide for his family.

But when all his trying fails, what then?

Will there come a morning when he just can’t get up again?

Each failure brings him low.

Each more devastating than the last.

He rises each time a little slower,

His confidence taking a beating blast.

God! Will you show him the way?

Show him how to fight and win!

Show him there’s a better day

That’s surely coming to him!

I cannot watch him fall

And see him struggling so to rise.

It breaks my heart to see him so

And brings tears to my eyes.

Please, God! Bless him!

Please, turn all this humiliation at his hand

Into something far better—

Yea, even his promised land!

His eyes downcast,

He barely dares

To look me in the eye.

And when he does

His pain and shame

Make him want to dash and fly.

Away from me he wants to go

Where he can face his pain and shame


I cannot help him, God.

I don’t know how.

Please help him,

I know you understand!

I love him.

I want him.

I’m trying hard to wait.

How much will this life break him?

How much more can he take?

Sometimes my fears and worries

Spread like wild fire in my mind.

How far must he be broken

Before healing he can find?

His heart is good, intentions too.

He’s trying so hard for you!

Reputation lost, loved ones scattered.

Do you see? Does it matter?

Sometimes he fears

A cruel joke’s been played

By deity on him.

Or a deal between God and Devil—

How much more, God,

Before he proves faithful,

Enough that you may bless him?

Can he hang on that long?

I hope and pray that he will still be a man

When this is all said and done.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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