He’s Got It


You know it’s interesting

How life ebbs and flows

Sometimes it’s painful
To see how things go.
But life is full of joy, too.
It’s not all sadness.
Circumstance, relationships, health,
They all have their ups and downs.
Sometimes, you just have to keep going
Even when the going gets rough.
That’s often easier said that done, I know,
But that’s the way the world goes round.
Doing the right thing
For the right reason
The right way
At the right time—
Whether you feel like it or not.
That’s part of growing up,
Part of life,
A huge part of life.
I look around me,
And sometimes
It seems like life is unraveling at the seams.
But underneath all the unraveling,
God’s hand is in it all,
Though I may not be able to see it.
Sometimes it’s hard to trust that He’s got it,
But, you know, He does.
My marriage may be falling apart,
But, I know, He’s got it—carrying it in His hands.
The relationship I have with my kids may be shot,
But, I know, He’s putting it back together.
My health may be crappy,
But that’s God’s way of reminding me to lean on Him.
Our finances may be zero, and we’re deeply in debt,
But somehow our needs our met.
My religious structure is crumbling,
But God’s rebuilding and remodeling.
Yes, life really seems to be unraveling.
I’m starting over, in more ways than one.
But God’s holding my hand;
I don’t tread the waves alone.
Each broken dream or broken heart
Or rock bottom that I hit,
He’s there to see me through.
He gives me better dreams,
Heals my broken heart,
Helps me rise higher than I ever could have dreamed.
It’s all going to be ok, He says.
And on some days that has to be enough—
When life is in shambles,
And all I have left is Him.
Somehow He’s going to see me through
And give me beauty for ashes.
And when I’m on the other side
Of all the heartache and tears
And can see the beauty that has come
From the ashes of the past
I’ll be thanking and praising Him—
No words will be enough
To proclaim the joy that then will fill my heart.
Though I don’t know the end result,
Or how it will all pan out,
Somehow I know,
Between now and then,
He’s got it.
~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart

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