Each Day’s Choice

Each day has a choice:

A choice to love,

A choice to fear,

A choice to thank,

A choice to complain,

A choice to see the truth,

Or believe a lie.

Each day I choose what I will be;

Each day I choose what I will see–

Be it truth and reality!

Each day I choose to love

Though I don’t feel it’s fire;

Each day I choose to serve,

Though I’m covered in the mire;

Each day I choose to live

To bring another joy

Brings me closer to the Savior–

The way He loves each man–

Brings me close to sisters, brothers,

And every child within His hand.

O God, forgive me for my selfish tendency

To seek only for my own!

Help me to turn to Thee,

Forgive me,

For thinking my life is my own!

Let my lose myself in Thy service,

Knowing Thy love, thy tender prompting

To each child I am called to minister relief–

My conduct, no longer mine, but Thine–

Thy work of good flow through me!

May I be, Oh make me, Lord,

A pure outpouring vessel of Thy love;

Let me find my true self in Thy service;

May this life reflect Thee above.

May each choice I make today

Reflect Thy Sovereign Will.

May my life, in whole,

Reflect Thee, Sovereign Lord.

May any good act through me performed

Bring glory unto Thee.

Eternal bliss be found each day

As I rest in Thee.

Through each trial, tribulation,

Each test of my feeble faith,

Make Thyself more clearly seen

By the eyes of the human race.

O God, somehow, please,

Make Thyself known through me.

Show Thy love, Thy tender mercy,

Show Thy grace–redemption’s power

To change a life wrought with lies of self

To know Thy truth and freedom find.

Please show me, God,

How to be content

In humbling serving,

Fulfilling my role

Divinely instituted for my growth.

Through fulfilling my inner work

And external obligation,

Draw any man through bonds of love,

Contentedness, peace and joy,

To Thy tender bosom

Where each may be still and rest

Hearing the steady, constant rhythm

Within our Father’s breast.

O God, my Father,

May I be a useful instrument,

A useful tool within Thy hand.

Please, God, use me

To bring Thy children to Thee,

By seeing Thy miraculous power

Changing my inner, outer life,

To know towards Thee to look

For lasting change of heart and life.

May my life be valuable

In bringing about Thy plan.

May each day’s choice

Be love, thanksgiving,

Truth, reality;

Faithful, loving servant

I commit to be.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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