Brave Enough To Love

I want to be brave enough.
I want to be strong enough.
I want to be brave enough
To love you
The way that is needed
And always stands on truth—
The way that reaches into your heart.
Brave enough to stand up tall.
Brave enough to try.
Brave enough to love again.
Brave enough to heal.
I want to love you
Though there is risk involved—
Risk of a broken heart
And tragedy.
But anything worth having
Involves this risk of pain.
Does that mean that I should not
Choose it still?
Choose each day to risk my heart.
Choose each day to give.
Choose each day to love always.
Choose to let you in.
There is another risk—
A more thought provoking one—
That if I choose not to love,
What will I miss?
Sure, there is a risk of pain,
But there is joy’s triumph, too.
And if I had to pick
I’d choose to:
Risk the pain and aim for joy!
What will my lot be?
I don’t know. Who can tell?
One day we will see.

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