The Helpful Neighbor

This story in poetry style feels a little Dr. Suessy, though not written by Dr. Suess, but by myself. It is based off of actual events. It was fun to write and I thought you might enjoy reading it to your own little ones at home, if you so choose.

There was a young lady

Who lived in a shoe.

She had so many tasks

She knew not what to do!

The kids wanted this,

The kids wanted that;

So they went to the park

With their jackets and hats.

But upon returning to their homely abode

On a wonderful, splendid, dusty dirt road,

One of the children uncovered a fact…

And it wasn’t one for throwing up hats.

The doors were locked, oh solid tight!

Oh how were they going to sleep that night

For the keys were hidden within the house?!

It’s just too bad they didn’t have Mickey Mouse

To climb through a hole or a crack in the wall.

It was just so sad they wanted to bawl.



Out of the blue

Was a helpful neighbor–

So they sent after you!

But after the messenger went up the hill

Second thought came that brought joy…

And brought ill.

For they found that on sending their heavenly bird

That you’d fasted on purpose…

They said many words.

















So they decided after much thought

(And they thought

an awful,

awful lot)

That it must be shown that their hearts were broken;

And thus this poem as a keepsake and token

To let you know they forgot you not

And wish to thank you an awful lot.

Then since for them your dinner you skipped,

They got this and got that,

And up this they whipped.

They hope you enjoy this dessert for your dinner–

That you regain lost pounds

That made you look thinner.

Thus we now close our little epistle.

You can jump and holler and even whistle!

Because if ever you’re in need of a friend

Over backwards for you will we bend.

This, then, is the last that is to be said…

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

For using your heart,

Not your head.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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