Submissive Faith

Alma 37 has some new thoughts for me tonight, as does Mosiah 3:19.

They came together as I wrote tonight

And I saw something different I hadn’t yet seen.

It says to be submissive to what the Father inflicts.

It says to overcome through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It says that God brings about great things through small and simple means.

It says it is easy to look to Him and follow, for His burden is light.

Suddenly I see again that God can do all things.

I have faith and the past to show His almighty redemptive hand.

He can provide the miracles that I long to be.

My heart oft times aches and yearns for what my “eye of faith” can see;

And yet God commands and cautions me to ask not amiss,

For His Greater Plan I cannot clearly see.

Thus I hear Him ask of me, Child, endure My infliction patiently.

Now waiting not for faith enough–for I can clearly see–

My faith must be submissive to His eternal pace

And what will best bless the whole eternal race.

It is okay for me to suffer for yet a little while–

Though God does bid me wait He’s teaching me through this trial

That He yet does answer me and every promise fulfill in His own time.

The course which He now leads me will bring me to eternal bliss,

Yea, “a far better land of promise”–even what my “eye of faith” does see.


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