Common Row to Hoe

Dear Reader,

I just finished reading a really good book that a relative of mine wrote. She self published it, so it’s not one you could find anywhere, but it was so good, so real, and so true. Maybe that sounds cliche, but that’s how it came across to me.

I don’t know what you’re life’s been like, but mine’s been a roller coaster, and just when it seems like the roller coaster ride is coming to an end, something gets the ride going again for another round. Do you know what I mean?

I remember when I got married people told me that the first year was the hardest, it got easier after that. As my teenage hood had been hell on wheels in places, I was not anticipating another hard road. But I knew that that is what God wanted for me, and I also knew that I loved the man that God had brought into my life, and I knew he loved me. It was an irresistible love, and one that I couldn’t deny, though it did scare the wadden out of me, as my mother likes to say. 🙂 I happened to also inherit my papa’s fear of marriage, which didn’t help much.

So how does all this fit into that book I read? Well, the book was about real people living real life with real problems. It wasn’t the sugar coated fairy tale. It was genuine. I needed genuine. In a world full of people sometimes I feel so alone in my own life, in my own pain, in my own hurts and fears and worries and you name it. Do you? Sometimes it’s just nice to know that my life isn’t the only life that’s been hard, my row to hoe is perhaps more common that I used to think. It was like the book reached out a hand to me to say, Hey there, I know you feel alone, but you know, you’re not alone as you think you are. God’s there for you and you’re going to get through this part of life’s cross ok. 

Sometimes I look at my life and I want to bawl my eyes out, and sometimes I do. And now I know, you do too. We have more friends than we think we do, and the most important Friend we have is the One Friend we all have in common. Yup, that’s Him–Jesus. You know, I’ve had my closest loved ones and friends fail me, misunderstand me and falsely accuse me, but you know the One who always understands and always sees the truth about me? He does. And He does with you too. How do I know that? Because I’ve seen it in my own life, and I’ve seen it in the lives of others that I’ve been close enough to touch.

Sometimes I think of God as a watchful parent. He knows there’s a lot we have to learn without holding His hand. We’d never walk if He always helped us. At some point we have to let go of His hand and try our wobbly little legs across the uneven floor of life. It’s not easy, and we all fall down. But He’s always there to pick us up again, to encourage us and get us to try walking again. He cheers us on when we finally do it, and wipes our tears and gives us kisses when we bonk ourselves on life’s tables, chairs and floor. And He’s patient. He doesn’t mind late bloomers. Thank goodness!–cuz I’m one of those. 🙂

So, dear friend, if you’re feeling as alone as I have felt all too often lately, even with a room full of people, just remember, you’re not the only one. And the One who can make all the difference is just a prayer a way. Give Him a chance. You won’t regret it.

Here’s hoping I see you again soon!

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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