My Treasure Box

NOTE: The statements made in this blog post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use caution and discretion and do not do anything with out the help of a licensed health practitioner!

Dear Reader,

So I have a bit about myself and my life journey that I want to tell you. I have dealt with what I call a chemical imbalance since I was 13 years old–other wise called mental illness. It has been a long journey and a hard one, but for some reason today, I wanted to open my treasure box, so to speak, and share with you from my life experience.

What spurned these thoughts and this openness? I remembered that there are others out there who are suffering like I have and maybe what I can share about my journey can help them. I also want to reach out not only to those people who have gone through it personally, but to their families and friends also. Anyone with any experience with these things knows that it is not just a one person battle, but a battle of everyone involved.

The first thing that I want to tell you is IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. I know that that can be hard to believe. People think that if your thinking goes wrong that you just need to change your thinking, but the reality is that people dealing with these things, when they are in an episode, cannot control their thoughts, their emotions, their bodies–anything. It’s like your sane brain takes a back seat in the car and the illness itself takes the driver’s seat–a very scary sensation for those dealing with the illness and experience for everyone else involved.

Second, YOUR ILLNESS ISN’T YOU. It’s your body’s response to life situations that are traumatic to you. In my personal experience, anything in life that was traumatic to me could push me over into an episode. But that doesn’t make the illness me.

Third, no matter how much sense it makes to you, it won’t make sense to your loved ones. But, to God, you make sense and He gets you and He’s going to help you make sense of the senseless.

Fourth, GET A GOOD SUPPORT GROUP of people who know what your talking about. There’s nothing like a good friend in the flesh who understands what you’re going through.

Fifth, STAY OPEN MINDED, you don’t know what healing road God will open up to you. Things that God opened up for me: prayer, writing, opening up to loved ones, medication and hospitalization (great support group); supplementation–in my case high doses of b-vitamins, vitamin c, zinc and minerals (it’s unique for every case); cranials; acupressure points; sweats; GAPS diet; meditations from various sources (if you want a list of meditations that I’ve tried and that work for me let me know in the comments); Feelings Treatments; essential oils; chakra work; Chinese medicine; NAET treatments, among others.

Sixth, DON’T GO OFF YOUR MEDICATION TOO SOON!!! Remember, it is not just you that you are safe-guarding, you are safe-guarding your loved ones too. Remember they have to go through this with you as well, and it’s just as hard on them as it is on you, just in a different way. Think of the big picture! You have time, make sure that your decision is wise and takes in all the factors and work with someone who knows what they are doing! It is possible to get off your meds, but if you’ve been on them for years, you want to be wise, going off too fast can put you right back where you started, or worse, set you back further than you were. Work with a doctor who knows how to get you off the meds safely and carefully, with the best interest of you and your loved ones in mind.

Seventh, DON’T GIVE UP!!!  Because with Jesus, there is HOPE! Only He knows what your healing road requires to help you become the best you that ever was. Remember, what your going through isn’t a punishment–though I know it’s hell in every meaning of the word. People who go through this know what hell really means. Just as Christ has his burden to bear-literally the whole world-He couldn’t have been a help to us unless He experienced that burden. Neither are we able to help others without our own cross to bear. I know this is a hard one to swallow, and in the really bad times feels more excruciating and painful than helpful, but trust me. I’m shooting straight with you here. God has a divine purpose for what you are going through and He’s after your heart and preparing you for a special work in Him that only He can see. Trust Him to weave the dark times into something beautiful. I promise you, in the name of Him who we know and trust, that “He is up to something good”. “He is up to something good!”

Eighth, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Even if everyone in your life deserts you and walks away because they can’t take it anymore, He will always be there, supporting you and He will carry you through. And there are hosts of those on the other side fighting for you, standing by you unseen, guiding your footsteps, even in insanity.

I know my positive outlook may be hard to believe for some. I know if you’re walking down the valley of the shadow of death right now, that the thought of hope is as painful as it is beautiful, sometimes more painful than beautiful. But isn’t that the gospel message? That of unbreakable hope? No matter how long or difficult your journey has been I promise you that God has a perfect plan for you and in Jesus there is hope. Think over the history of the world. Every age has had its trials and troubles and crosses to bear. We are no different. Let us trust Him who has already born our cross ahead of us and prepared a way through. Only He knows when enough is enough. Only He knows when His creation is complete. Trust His molding hand. He is going to see you through, for He never forsakes His own, and you are one of His own.

From one who has walked that trail of broken glass too.

All my love,

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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