Dear Little Baby

I wrote this song a few years back. I had just had a miscarriage–so far the first and only–and I knew that I still had a little girl that wanted to come. This song came out of the anticipation of the time that she would. I remember as I sat at the piano, there was a feeling in the air, almost like the essence of the music sat shimmering there in the quiet, waiting for me to find it out. As I sat at the piano the words and music began to come. It was merely a matter of catching it on paper and piano. The resulting song has been a comfort to me ever since–and when My Little Girl did come I was all ready to sing it to her. 🙂

Dear little baby bundle of mine,

I am so glad you came.

Heaven is close while you’re in my arms.

I hope it’s always this way.

When I knew that you were on your way to earth

I was filled with joy and gratitude.

Time and time again I’d prayed that you could come.

God was good and kind and answered every prayer of mine.

Dear little baby,

I’m so glad you came to earth.

You’re an answer to my heart’s prayer.

I rejoice and praise God for you.

How can you know the feelings inside

This little mother’s heart?

Purest of love, rapture of praise–

Joy bells ring out through my soul.

God has given me the greatest gift to women;

He fulfills in me the measure of creation.

Like His Only Son my life I give for you.

Through His love divine I’m strengthened through what I must do.

O little baby!

I’m so glad to give you life.

Every sacrifice endured

Makes us one with our Savior.

Dear little baby, as you grow up,

Please, keep in mind God’s hand.

He has held us within His great love,

Always He will understand.

Give to Him your all; He will not fail you.

Know He’s tried and true–no other Friend like Him will do.

Love and trust and follow in His narrow way;

Listen to His promptings, always swift to obey.

I trust God’s hand for you;

He’s prepared the way ahead.

Lean on Him in all you do;

Praise the Lord, He will guide you through.

Yes, I trust God’s hand for you.

Praise the Lord, He is guiding you.

~ Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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