My Contrary Photogenic


This is a poem I wrote for my little girl last year.


“Come here, Baby,” I say.

“I want to take your picture.”

She looks at me, smiles,

Then runs the other way.

When I finally catch her

She won’t smile for me.

Rather, she frowns,

Protruding her bottom lip

In what we call a birdie perch.

I coax and coax to get a smile

But she’ll only frown and scowl.

So I try the reverse tactic trick.

“Show me a frown, Baby,

Show me a frown!”

Then the biggest, cutest smile I get

And quick as a wink I snap the pic.

Then she runs to me, all smiles and laughs,

To see the picture that’s been taken.

She’s the contrariest thing there ever was,

But she’s the cutest thing to me.

What on earth would I do

Without my little Baby?


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