Only Six


I wrote this last year for my oldest son and child.


He’s my oldest, and he acts like it.

Watch dog over his younger siblings.

He makes sure they’re ok

And minding the rules.

Responsible for six.

Reliable most times.

Sure, he has his bad days

When he won’t mind.

But he’s kind and sweet

And says he’s sorry

When he’s made mistakes or done something wrong.

Some adults won’t do that.

He tries real hard to be good

And take care of the others.

He’s quite a good big brother.

At times he’s silly or contrary.

I love to coax a smile.

He tries so hard to frown and scowl

But it doesn’t last long.

I love to hear his little laugh

And see him all so happy.

When I’ve coaxed his good mood out

It happens really snappy.

He’s such a cutie bug.

I love him so very much.

He’s the big brother I always wanted.

Now his siblings have it.

He’s my buddy, my little pal.

My friend and playmate too.

I’m so glad he came to earth

To be my little boy!

He’s brought me so much joy.

Sure, we’ve had our hiccups and bad days

But I wouldn’t trade a bit.

I’ve learned so much from watching him

And he’s only six.

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