This is another poem that I wrote in high school. I had a lot of fun with this one!


I walked complacent as an angel,

Down my favorite lane—

My heart swelling with pure bliss.

When a friend of mine came down a silver staircase,

And gave my cheek a kiss.


We’ve been friend for many a year—

As long as I have been born.

Once a year she visits me,

And sometimes life, until her visits,

Seems forlorn.


She always comes in the same old dress—

In silver, lacy white,

But each year she is more beautiful that the last.

Her presence radiates near heavenly light.


She lays the world in peaceful slumber

As she spreads a lacy blanket on everything she passes.

Setting one in quiet wonder—what beauty she performs!

She drapes, with golden-like snow, the sashes.


The trees she covers with crystal lace,

And the gardens she dresses in silver gowns.

The lake she wraps in a white down scarf,

And with powdered sugared ice

She sprinkles the towns.


When her visit is almost up

She leaves her special mark

By planting all over the earth a garden of color,

And then to heaven she embarks.


This year was no different.

She did everything the same,

But a special gift she left

As her friend, Spring, came.


For when I walked down my favorite lane,

To my favorite spot,

I found there a splendid pile of fresh snow,

And how blissful and jocund was my lot.


When dear Winter comes again

I’ll tell her the joy she left me in.

Out of all her wonders, I have to say

Snow is one of the best!

Say what you may.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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