The Smile


This is a poem that I wrote in high school. I was waiting for my typing class to start and this poem was my “hustle” while I waited. 🙂


As I sat there, a frown on my face,

A fellow walked by and flashed me a smile.

A smile, I thought, those are good things.

If people always gave smiles to those with a frown

Then soon everyone would be glowing like iridescent rings.


So the rest of the day I began following my creed,

And gave a smile to those really in need.

By the end of the day I could smile at any passer-byer,

And each time my spirits would soar a little bit higher.


So the next time you sit with a frown on your face

And someone walks by with a smile full of grace—

Pass it along, don’t just sit and stare,

And you’ll find by the end of the day

That you’ve brightened at least one person’s day—

Your own.


So pass along a smile.


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