What a Birthday Means to Me

As I think about this time of year and what is celebrated, I think about the One we celebrate, who He is and the hope He gives us. Seeing that His birthday is celebrated by so many this day, I thought it fitting to share this with you.


A birthday is a new beginning,

A fresh start, a new outlook.

A birthday is a remembrance of the past

And of God’s hand in your life.

A birthday is a time of fondness

For things gone and things to come.

A birthday is spending precious time

With those you hold most dear.

It is a time for making memories

For all your future years.

A birthday is thinking of others

Instead of yourself.

It is a time of giving and receiving

For you and those you love.

A birthday is celebrating all the victories

That you’ve made thus far.

It is a time when you look with hope and enthusiasm

Toward the future and its gifts.

A birthday is enjoying the now,

This very moment, this very second.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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