A Memory

This is part two of a four part poem that I wrote last week. For now I am only going to post this part. This is a “new leaf” kind of poem. Starting over. Healing and moving on from the past. Waiting. Being patient for God to fulfill His promises and His plans. Dedicated to You. 🙂

You know, the old saying,

“When God closes a door,

Somewhere He opens a window”?

Well, in my case,

The door was opening

And shutting

In seeing random intervals

When God showed me a window

And put it in my heart

That the door would eventually close forever

And when it did

I was to climb through the window.

I was a little skeptical at first,

So I put it on my mental shelf

And kept trying to walk through

The unreliable door–

A plain wooden door, I might add.

Then, one day the door slammed,


And Tight.

I couldn’t get out.

I pulled on the nob,

Banged my fists on the door.

But it wouldn’t open.

I went to the window,

But it was locked tight.

And I couldn’t get through.

So I sat on the floor and


Sometimes I’d go back to the door

And listen.

I could hear a hammer and saws

Making their construction noises.

Then one day the door was gone

And I ran to dart through it

But I was met

With a wall

Coming in

To fill the place of the door.


That was shocking.

The new wall

Had a window

That opened and shut

About the same size

As the other one

But I couldn’t get out

It was too tight.

So again

I waited.

Then one day

The original window came out.

I dashed for it to be met

By a clammer of saws

And sledge hammers

Tearing a big hole in the wall!

“Stand clear!”

A bellowed voice sounds.


I see you jump through the hole

You smile as you grab debris

Then dart back out again.

I peek through the hold to see

You and Jesus

Working on a set of double doors

With lattice work

And glass panes.

New studs put in,

Door frames,


“The Works”!

Then one day

The new painted doors and nobs

Go in.

The new door serves double

For a doorway

And a window.

At first I put a picture

Over the little window.

But just having it there

Is too tempting to use.

Then I put a mirror over.

No, that will not do.

Out goes the tiny window

Framed in the hole.



A little paint.

NOW, goes the mirror.

So no matter which way I look

To my future

Or my past

All I see

Is what God’s giving me

In the present moment.

A better window and door

That even I could have imagined,


All in one

I might add too.

I’m ready to walk through.

I am waiting patiently.

Will you come for me?

Or must I come to you?

Ah! Yes! I see you now–

Ever the chilverous gentleman–

Extending a hand.

I take your hand

And we walk about

A beautiful garden

You’ve created

For us and our posterity.

We walk around

Seeing the pretty sights.

Once I thought that little room

Would be visited by me.

But no, it’s just a memory.

I look back to the house and see.

Those glass double doors

Who seem to smile at me.

They seem to say,

“Go on and live!”

Every time I visit

That tender memory

I remember how God

Built walls

And how you and Jesus built

My window door,

Giving me something

Much more beautiful

Than before.

We don’t stay in that garden.

We go off to lovelier places–

If that’s even possible–

To find a lovelier place than this–

To the finite mind it’s not.


To my “eye of faith”,

Even that

Is a possibility.


~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart




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