Quiet Listening

This is a song that I started last year August-September time. At the time things were rather tumultuous and I often felt that God was silent. Writing this song helped me remember that God is always listening to the deepest cries of my heart. I finished the last two verses within the last week sometime.


When everything’s quiet

And I can’t hear you;

When I really need you

But can’t feel you near;

I sit here and listen

Deep longing to hear

Something of Thy Presence

To sooth my soul.

Oh are you lis’ning?

I cry to you!

Desperately needing

To see Thy face,

Even in some small way.

The Father:

Oh my dear child,

Yes, I can hear you.

I hear your yearnings

And heartache of soul.

Do trust me as I say

‘Tis all for thy good.

‘Twill bring you closer

To each suff’ring child.

I know it’s hard to

Understand this

Yet all my purpose

Shall be fulfilled

Even through trying times.


Dear Father, I thank you

For showing me this:

I must trust you always

In purpose and plan.

Your plan is far reaching,

More than I can see.

Eternal results

Are up to Thee.

Oh help me trust you

With my small life.

O let deliverance

Come swift to me!

Help me to be patient!

The Father:

My dearly loved child,

You won’t have to wait long

To see my purpose

And plan for thy soul.

Great mercy, deliverance,

Are waiting for thee.

As you trust

And come to Me.

I am here waiting

To hold you now.

In me you will find

Eternal rest

And fulness of joy.

Dear Child,

Come Home!


~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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