Introduction to the True Love Dares

Dear Friends,

In all truth, I should really rename the True Love Dares, the Love of Truth Dares. Because that is what it’s all about. Loving the truth about God, about ourselves and about each other and learning to embrace truth where ever it is found.

I came to these things out of my desire to resolve a relationship in my life that was at a rock bottom. It had been bad for a few years and everything I tried seemed to back fire. The The True Love Dares came as a result, though I would like to rename them the Love of Truth Dares, because that is more accurate to the message. I hope that it will help you as it has me. This is the first time that I have taken the time to flesh out the principles in more depth. In a lot of ways I am learning right along with you. Sharing with you what I learn as I dig a little deeper.

The Dares were given to me in answer to questions. I wrote them down. I later had divine assistance in finding references to support these principles. At the time I first put the list together it was not very clear to me how it all worked and how to implement it. It’s sat on the back burner for some time.

The interesting thing has been that I have learned a lot of things since this first came together five years ago and God has fleshed those things out with life experience. I am by no means a guru. I am learning right along with you. Sometimes I’m learning as I’m writing it out. I would love your input and thoughts and insight about it. I would love to learn with you as you learn with me and compare notes. I would like to flesh things out more as I continue to learn and I will do my best to update and add and modify as I learn more truths myself, to share with you. For I do not believe that God gives us truth except to share it and impart it to others.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me! Please let me know if something I’ve said doesn’t make sense. I don’t mind fleshing things out for you and broadening the context. If you can help me learn too, that will help me!

If you haven’t yet joined us on our journey, here are links to the Dares I’ve done so far:

Dare 1; Dare 2; Dare 3; Dare 4; Dare 5; Dare 6; Dare 7; Dare 8; Dare 9; Dare 10; Dare 11.

There are a total of 40 Dares. I haven’t been able to post them daily as I would have liked, so the process is going rather slow. I apologize for that! Thank you for your patience as I work on them and get them uploaded!

I hope you become a frequent visitor!

All my love,

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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