My Grandma

Today, I have a lot of things swimming through my mind. My dad got a call this morning that my grandma isn’t doing well, and I’m wondering if she’s going to be going home soon. She’s hung on through so many of life’s turbulences. And she’s survived a few crash landings, metaphorically speaking.

Several months ago she said that as soon as we were permanently settled she wanted to go home. We’ve moved three times the last nine months. My mom’s closing on a house and it’s a fixer upper but we are so grateful just to have a home that we can call ours. The house should close in the next day or two, and it looks like Grandma may go home too.

My grandma had a big family–10 kids: 7 girls, 3 boys–one of which is my dad, who we call Papa :-). I grew up with my grandma. We lived with her off and on when I was a child and we’d stay with her often. Not all my cousins were as lucky as me to have as close a relationship with her.

I remember listening to lots of gospel conversations between her and my parents, and then with me as I got old enough enjoy them. I remember her sleeping out on the lawn on an old blanket as we played out in the yard. Her peppermint patch out by the hose–it was a big one.

She was a hard worker. Her husband wasn’t a great provider so she took it on herself to make sure her kids had what they needed. They didn’t always have what they wanted, but the did have food, clothes and a roof over their heads.

When some of my other cousins and I were small we all lived at grandma’s house with our parents. Grandma promised me and my cousin-friend that she wouldn’t die until we’d both had our first child. That cousin and I have both had three children now and she’s lived to see all of them.

Grandma’s a strong soul. A praying soul. She’s carried us through so many things just by her prayers. My mom, when we’ve hit some troubles, recommends telling Grandma because her prayers are heard.

I don’t feel like one blog post could do Grandma justice. So many memories of times with her, memories we’ve made. She had a way of making me feel special, and even though she has oodles of grandkids, she has a special place in her heart that is all mine. I love my Grandma, and though I know she’ll be so happy when she goes home to heaven–all the loved ones she’s excited to see there–I’m going to miss her, her wisdom and her counsel and her stories. I hope that her stories and her legacy can live on in me.

There is a song that the Gaither Homecoming Women sing that I really love The Women I Come FromIt makes me think of more than just Grandma, though. It makes me think of all my grandmothers, all the way to Mother Eve. Their strength runs in my blood and is in my bones. I hope I can carry on the legacy that they have left me. Carry on the legacy that Grandma left me.

This is a poem that I posted a while back that I wrote for Grandma.

Grandma’s Prayers

Three times a day

She kneels to pray

Her intersession to heaven sending.

A list she’s made

For those she’s prayed—

Her posterity she’s lifting.

I asked her once

How to become

Like her in her gift.

“I pray three times a day,” she said.

“And when someone comes to mind.”

My Grandma’s prayers have carried us

Through many ups and downs and trials.

Our family’s had our share of heartache,

Woes, and broken dreams.

But every day she prays for us,

Her prayers weaving together the frayed seams.

Someday soon Grandma’s going to go

Back to her home in heaven.

I hope that she can teach me

How to pray like she does,

How to reach the heavens.

And when her time on earth is done

I hope she’ll come back and say,

“My child, I’ll teach you what I know,

So you can also pray.

Not just the rote prayer mind you,

The ones that hit the ceiling and no more.

The kind of prayer I mean

Are the ones that knock on heaven’s door.”

I hope someday I’ll be like Grandma,

Connecting earth to heaven.

Just like Grandma’s prayers have carried me,

I hope to carry others too.

Oh dear Grandma, I hope someday,

That I will be just like you!

I love you, Grandma!

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart



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