The Loving Thing To Do

Sometimes the loving thing to do

Is the very thing you don’t want to do.

It’s as painful to you

As to the one you love.

Why is that?

Sometimes the loving thing to do

Is to let go

When everything in you wants to hold on tight.

Sometimes the loving thing is to hold on,

When what you want to do is

Cast from you as far as you can.

Sometimes the loving thing to do

Is hold your tongue

When what you want to do

Is give them a piece of your mind.

Sometimes it’s speaking up

When you’d rather pretend like you didn’t care.

Sometimes it’s saying “no”

When you’d rather say “yes”.

Sometimes it’s saying “yes”

When you want to say “no”.

For the loving thing to do

Is what’s best

In the long run.

Love is more than “want to”s

And “I’d like to have”s.

It’s hard to know sometimes

What love will dictate

And call you too.

Greater sacrifice,

Greater gifts,

Greater love

That you didn’t know was in you.

Sometimes loving is leaving

And letting you go;

Letting you make your choice

To stay or go.

Letting you take responsibility

For your choice

And not saving you from its consequence.

Sometimes that’s the only way to love.

Sometimes that’s what love requires.

Sometimes love says you can’t come back.

Sometimes love says, “it’s over”.

Because love is all about what’s best

For the one you love

As well as you—

But not just that,

For the whole world too.

Love reaches to embrace

What’s best for the whole

As well as for each individual.

Love’s reach spans as wide as eternity

And yet is as intricate as the smallest spark of creation

Where energy, spirit and physical element combine.

Each of us must listen to Love’s call—

She takes different forms each day,

But always and forever,

What’s best for one as well as all

Is within Love’s perfect balance.

Trust love,

She will teach you what you must do.

Love does not lead astray.

For love is the thing that lasts,

The one thing that never fails.

What is the loving thing to do?

Listen to Love,

She will tell you.

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jonathan McCormick says:

    Good Poem…What’s best for one is best for all…Love knows…Listen to love…Thanks. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I’m glad you liked it 🙂


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