About Me

This blog is just as the name states: thoughts from a mother’s heart. Here I will share my thoughts about life and my personal writings. I may branch out to other things as well as time goes by, we’ll see. I’m taking it a day at a time. I’m just one mom in the world, but in my experience every life has the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. I hope that this blog does so for you.

Ever since I can remember I have been a writer and a story teller, not that I’ve told many stories here, though, at least not as of yet. 🙂 I remember when I was young, as soon as I knew how to write well enough, I was writing and illustrating my own storybooks. I’d make up stories on the spot and tell them to my siblings. I loved telling stories.

At about age nine I was introduced to the concept of personal journal writing and I began keeping a journal. It was small beginnings, but journal writing  helped to keep my sanity through many dark days in my teenage hood. Life was a struggle, as it often is for many of us, and writing in my journal, which about age 12 became a prayer journal, was often my only safe place and only confidant.

I remember in 6th grade there were various things that we did in class that caused me to be recognized for my writing talent–which took me some by surprise. I dreamed of becoming an author someday. Though I had many dreams and ambitions back then besides that. 🙂

When I was in 9th grade I had an amazing teacher that opened up the world of writing in a way that no other teacher had been able to do before. I really blossomed while in her class. It is here that I began my first real attempts at poetry, and I LOVED IT! It was so much fun!

Over the years as time has gone on, I have written about various things. I’ve kept up with my journal writing, for the most part, and found it to be a continuing life line in my life. As life’s trials and heartaches have come and gone, often writing has been my only outlet and my processing tool. Many times my heart has been full of thoughts and feelings that seemed to only come out on paper, or computer as the case was. Often it felt like the written word rang truer to the me inside than did the voice I spoke with. On paper I have been able to be what I am, where I am, with no hindrance. Many of the things I’ve written I’ve shared with few till now.

Sometimes, I wonder why I’d share things with perfect strangers that I haven’t shared with even close friends–not that I’m necessarily opposed to sharing with them, just the right opportunity hasn’t arisen to do so. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find this blog.

Through the years as I’ve written in my prayer journals and poured out my thoughts and struggles and daily battles with the Lord, the thought has often been in my heart and mind that what I write would someday be read by someone and that through what I write that they will be brought to the Savior. Sometimes I look over the events and experiences of my life, the things that I have written, seen and felt, and I wonder–could what I have to give really give what I desire? Could my small life make such a difference?

Since the time I was small, I knew that I was meant to write, I knew that that was part of my calling in life, though I didn’t put it in those words. As the years have gone on, I’ve come to that realization more and more. But it has been hard for me to open up my heart and share. So much of what I write is deeply personal to me and many times has involved the depth of my soul. I know that God has blessed me with the gift of writing–one knows that when you can speak better on paper than in person.

Many times I have come to the paper with anguish and questions, and walked away with “peace that passeth understanding”. Telling it to Jesus doesn’t always change the circumstances but it’s definitely changing me.

I tread softly, knowing that not all have walked my walk, and not all will understand the place of soul from which I write. But for those who do, I want to reach out to you, and tell you that there is a God in heaven, there is a God that sees, there is a God that hears, and there is a God that answers, and there is a God that heals. Be not afraid of Him! He welcomes you with open arms!

My hope in writing and sharing here with you is that this will not be my voice, per say, but God’s voice through me. I hope that every time you come here to read something that I have written that you feel Him reaching through the words to your own heart, that He brings you to whatever truth you are meant to find. I hope that through the pain and joys of my own life experience you can glean from what God has given me and apply it in your own life. That what God has put on my heart to write will not only be a benefit and comfort to my own heart, but to yours as well.

God has placed in me a writing heart. I need to write just like I need all the necessities of life. In fact, in my life, writing is a necessity of life. It just is. But I also know, that God never caused something to be written that He didn’t also intend to be shared. And so, I take a leap of faith and share with you my writing heart.

Here’s to hoping that you’ll be a frequent visitor and become an old friend. 🙂

Please note that all the works on this blog are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. You may copy and use content for private, non-commercial, non-public purposes or for a lesson. Otherwise please ask permission first!

Thanks again for coming and I hope that I see you again soon!

~Thoughts From A Mother’s Heart


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